Atlas Obscura

How Aboriginal Hunting and ‘Cool Burns’ Prevent Australian Wildfires

How Lesbian Potlucks Nourished the LGBTQ Movement

The Founder of America’s Earliest Lesbian Bar Was Deported For Obscenity

The Japanese Ghost Town Buried Deep in a Canadian Forest

After Hurricane Katrina, Home Gardeners Saved New Orleans’ Iconic Squash

When the U.S. Interned Italians in Montana, They Rioted Over Olive Oil

The Promise and Perils of Resurrecting Native Americans’ Lost Crops

American School Lunch is Becoming More Diverse, Like it Was in The 1910s

The Girl Who Jumped Out of a Pie And Into a Gilded Age Morality Tale

The Restaurant Putting India’s Tribal Cuisine Back on the Menu

When American Waitresses Were Labeled ‘Women of Ill Repute’

The Swap-a-Fish Program That Traded Tilapia for Seafood Contaminated By Agent Orange

In Zambia, A Craze for a Traditional Treat is Endangering Wild Orchids

When Indian Hosts Opened Their Homes to Pakistani Cricket Fans

Australia’s Growing Camel Meat Trade Reveals a Hidden History of Early Muslim Migrants

Teen Vogue

Why Bisexual Women are At a Higher Risk of Violence

Here’s How Street Harassment Affects Women’s Mental Health

The Washington Post

Lesbian Bars are Disappearing. We Spent the Night at One That’s Still Standing.

Why Monogamy’s Not for Me

“Don’t Date the Locals” Is Horrible Advice

The Horizontal

How to Orgasm Without Being Touched

How to Tell if Polyamory is Really for You

A Low-Grade Fever: On Aziz Ansari’s Comeback Netflix Special

Our Favorite Porn That’s Both Sexy and Ethical

How to Master Affirmative Consent (It’s Hot, We Promise)


#MeToo, Ansari, and the Difficult Question of Justice

No, the #MeToo Movement is Not About Women “Playing the Victim”

Is #MeToo a Moral Panic? Not if We’re Clear About Our Values

What I Would Have Said to You Last Night Had You Not Cum and then Fallen Asleep

Why Should Feminists Be Against the Sex Offender Registry?

Romantic Love is a Patriarchal Conspiracy, According to New Melissa McCarthy Film

Fucking with Feministing: No Hard-on? No Problem!

Who Gets to be Naked at Harvard University?

Rape Culture is a Contract We Never Actually Signed

Let’s Talk About Intimate Partner Violence in Queer Communities

What the New York Times Gets Wrong About Obesity


Harvard’s Exclusive Clubs Reflect the School’s Problems with Race, Class, and Gender


The Most Brilliant Woman in the Room 

Experiencing Imposter Syndrome? That’s Probably Because You’re an Imposter 


Pro-Choice for Christ


Why Are There So Many LGBT Youth in Prison?


Can Abusers Change?

What You Need to Know About Dating an Intimate Partner Violence Survivor

How to Spot—And Heal From—Gaslighting

7 Mental Health Resources for LGBTQ Teens

How Much Effort Do Women Put Into Coping With Sexual Harassment in a Day?

Why Doesn’t My Friend Leave Their Abusive Partner—And How Can I Help?

How To Tell Someone You’re Not Interested

Dealing with Complicated Feelings Around Abusers

Why is Talking About Looks Damaging to Mental Health?

Here’s How to Emotionally Prepare Yourself for Your Next Relationship

One Year After #MeToo

Why It’s Healthy to Lower Your High Expectations in College

My Abusive Partner Promises They’ll Change. Will They?

How Men Can Confront Toxic Masculinity

How Psychology Stigmatized Female Orgasm (And How We Got it Back)

How Mental Health Activists Are Fighting Racism

What Ethical Non-Monogamy Can Teach Us About Healthy Relationships

The Ladies Finger

Pink’s Right. Sometimes You Just Want to Clock a Man With a Beer Bottle.

Critical Collective

Seeking Sunny Leone: A Journey Through the Digital Erotic

Begums, Buddies, and Bandits: Imaging Queer Histories and Imagining Queer Futures in Dedh Ishqiya


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