Comfort Sex: Why It’s Great And How to Do It

Sex with him was like swimming in the sea. When we were in bed together, the world stopped; we floated through each other’s bodies. In those moments, there was nothing but the safety of his skin. It was sexy as hell, but it was also deeper: the realization of my body’s desire to be nestled in someone else. 

This year, many of us are running on empty. As we approach the winter solstice, the shorter, crisper days and longer nights invite us into hibernation. This is a time to seek comfort in the safety of our own bodies and the touch of our partners. 

Sex can be part of this comfort. Partnered or not, we can seek the sheer pleasure of sensation: masturbating, engaging in soothing self-touch, and investing time and energy in making our spaces as beautiful and comfortable as possible. If we’re partnered in whatever way—from a long-term relationship to an intimacy buddy—we can also nourish each other. 

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