Writing Tutoring

I offer writing tutoring and coaching services to students, professionals, and anyone looking for support in finding and elevating their voice. I’m happy to create an individualized plan to support you or your child in building academic writing skills, deepening English content area competency, or crafting a college admissions essay.

I’m committed to inclusive, empowering pedagogy that celebrates each student’s unique expressive potential. I have experience working with English language learners and students with diverse learning styles.

I bring three years of experience teaching essay writing to high school students, and seven years of professional writing experience. I won multiple writing awards as an AB student at Harvard, have published academic writing as a Fulbright researcher, and hold an MA in the humanities.

Please contact me at (reinagattuso [at] to discuss your or your child’s needs.

Copywriting and Editing Services

I’m available to write smart, punchy content for your brand. As a writing teacher with 7 years of content writing and journalism experience, I’m adept at identifying your unique outlook and crafting copy that encapsulates and elevates your voice. I’m available to shape website copy, editorial-style blog posts, audio content, and email marketing copy that embodies who you are.

A writer yourself? Great! If you prefer to write your own content, I’m happy to support you through the writing process, as a coach or as a developmental and line editor.

I have a particular knack for crafting powerful and inclusive messaging around culture, social justice, food, wellness, gender, and LGBTQ issues.

Please contact me at (reinagattuso [at] to discuss your needs.

Sensitivity Reading

I provide sensitivity reading services centered on gender, sexuality, bisexual and queer women’s identity, sexual and intimate partner violence, feminism, gender history and theory, and trauma and healing. I have provided feedback for both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, most recently for Penguin Random House titles.

Check out my acknowledgement in Nona Willis Aronowitz’s recent (fabulous!) Bad Sex.

I read from my perspective as a cisgender, queer/bisexual white woman with lived and MA-level gender studies research experience in the above topics. I always recommend that editors reach out to transgender readers, readers of color, readers with disabilities, and other readers from marginalized backgrounds instead of or in addition to me when the manuscript touches on marginalized experiences that are not my own.

Please contact me at (reinagattuso [at] to discuss your project.

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