Sexy Self-Love If You’re Single This Snuggle Season

As that cool-weather crackle finally enters the air, another seasonal cycle begins: the desire to partner up in winter. 

The annual urge to crawl into bed with a special someone in the cooler months, for a relationship that lasts at least as long as there is frost on the ground, has become immortalized as “cuffing season.” I don’t love the metaphor—after all, a tool of oppression by police is hardly a good symbol of sexy winter fun, unless that’s your kink. But the itch to boo up in winter, what I’m going to call “snuggle season,” is real. 

The end to summer outings, boozy backyard barbecues, and sidewalk bars, and the rise of cozy, nostalgic holidays with the attendant relationship-status prying from nosy relatives, can send even the most self-confident single into a tailspin, especially in a year when intimacy is hard to come by. So what’s a single person to do when the message to couple up is as ubiquitous as pumpkin spice?

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