Why LGBTQ couples split household tasks more equally

For Kara and Jo Chambers-Grant, communication has been key to maintaining equilibrium during the upheaval of the pandemic. 

The couple, who live in Bath in the UK, married in 2017, shortly after meeting through an online group that offers peer support for women, trans and nonbinary people coming out later in life. Following a whirlwind transcontinental romance, Kara moved from the US to live with Jo in England. They’re parents to Oscar, 14, Jo’s biological son from a previous relationship, who spends half his time with his father and half with Kara and Jo. 

After moving in together, Kara and Jo (pictured above) discovered they had complementary interests and skills. “I was always in a happy place doing DIY projects,” says Jo, an engineer. Kara, who manages accommodations at a study abroad programme, likes cooking. “I totally lucked out and she does most of the laundry. That’s amazing,” says Kara. “I like the laundry,” Jo adds. 

Read more at BBC Worklife. Featured image: Sharon McCutchen/Unsplash



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