The Four Dollar Wine Handy Dandy Vagtastic Valentine’s Day Workout

V-Day might be over, but ladies, you’ve still got to tend the actual V.  Ever wondered how to stay in great shape for your man? Look no further: It’s time for the Four Dollar Wine Handy Dandy Vagtastic Valentine’s Day Workout!

1) Wax your vagina. No, not your bikini line. Not “all the hair from your labia.” I mean wax your actual vagina. You’ll feel like a sex kitten. Like a sex kitten with an irritated vagina.

2) Kegels. All day everyday. Kegel when you’re sleeping. Kegel at your desk. Kegels make you tight as a virgin. I don’t think I’ve been a virgin since I broke my hymen with the water pressure from my parents’ showerhead.

3) Get in the mood with some feminist performance art! Smear your body with menstrual blood.

4) Indulge yourself: Today, eat whatever you want. Unless there are men around. Then, hide, lest they find out women have normal human body functions. You don’t care? What are you, a lesbian?






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