How to Make Long-Term Plans in a Crisis

Mona Eshaiker was two years into a high-profile job when she realized something wasn’t working. It was 2020, and Eshaiker, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, was working at a digital mental health startup. Her work days were gruelling, and as one of the only queer people and people of color in the room, she didn’t feel she was able to be her true self. She was constantly stressed out, exhausted, and felt physically ill. 

Something had to change. “It was so clear: life is too short. This is not how I want to spend my days,” she thought. So Eshaiker quit her job and set up her own practice as a therapist and burnout coach, to support clients who similarly felt burnt out in the workplace. “I got the help and now I’m here to help others.” 

Eshaiker’s expertise is in higher demand than ever. As COVID-19 continues to upend how people around the world live, work, and socialize, with no quick end in sight, many of us are left wondering how to pursue our goals when everything feels up in the air. 

In other words: How can we make long-term plans in a crisis?

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