5 Ways to Support Your Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s perhaps cliche to say that crisis brings out the deepest human love and solidarity, as well as the deepest grief. But that statement is a truism because it is true. Even during the horrors of the coronavirus pandemic, there is hope in community.

If you, like billions around the world, are currently socially distancing at home, it’s normal to feel antsy, anxious, or powerless. It’s natural impulse to want to be physically present with our loved ones in crisis, so the lack of the gatherings — events like protests, religious services, or community meetings — which normally strengthen us, can be particularly taxing right now.

But even at a distance, you remain a crucial part of your community. Helping your neighbors can be a profound way to help yourself: social connection is fundamental to our physical and emotional health, and community involvement can literally add years to your life. If you’re feeling motivated to support your community, but are unsure how to help, try one of these suggestions to meet neighbors’ vital needs while building solidarity from six feet away.

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