Preventing Household Conflict When You’re Stuck at Home Together

Most of us are so busy with jobs, school, and caretaking responsibilities that extended time at home with our loved ones once seemed like an unattainable dream. Self-isolation, resulting from the coronavirus crisis and government orders to shelter in place, however, can bring with it the silver lining of getting to reconnect with those we live with.

But social distancing, as Dr. Asaf Bitton writes, is not a snow day. While staying at home with loved ones comes with a silver lining for some, it is understandably fraught with the anxieties of a massively disruptive global crisis. Most of us are grappling with fears of illness, worries about income, exhaustion from caretaking, and uncertainty of what the next day — let alone the next year — could bring.

These fears, plus good ol’ fashioned stir-craziness, are enough to strain even the healthiest of family or roommate dynamics, often leading to conflict. Bread-and-butter fears about having material resources while sheltering in place, and the strains of juggling caretaking responsibilities with paid work, can further strain even the healthiest of home dynamics.

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