Coverage of the Indian Student Movement for the Right to Dissent

Here in Delhi, recent central government action against students at Jawaharlal Nehru University, including the jailing of three student activists under archaic sedition laws, has prompted a movement for the freedom to dissent. You can check out my coverage of the movement for Feministing below.

Activists Charged with Sedition as Indian Students Protest for the Right to Dissent

Coverage of government and police action against students, student response, and greater context of the state of free speech, university autonomy, and violence against minorities in contemporary India.

Thousands of Flower-Wielding Protestors March in Delhi for the Right to Dissent

Continued coverage of the movement.

Indigenous Rights Activist Addresses Protesting Indian Students

Coverage of indigenous rights activist Soni Sori’s visit to JNU, including background on continued indigenous struggles in contemporary India.









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