Drunkentines/Sex Noises

I want to be known, and loved, and intellectually and sexually adored constantly by everybody. I want each party to be a glimmering climax where I utterly belong.  Enter Valentine’s Day weekend: a playground of hungry hearts and lonely bodies.  Weather: drunk.   Ethos: thirsty.  Drake summarizes the prevailing feeling: “I need a girl who gon’Continue reading “Drunkentines/Sex Noises”

Okay, Cupid, Alright Already

Online dating is a thing people do. I have yet to personally do it, because my love style tends to go something like: meet random person making acerbic jokes about American racial politics; fall into deep soul-macerating love; lose all sense of self and world; have visited upon me the devastation that yea indeed wasContinue reading “Okay, Cupid, Alright Already”