The Culinary Legacy of Brooklyn’s First Free Black Community

SOMETIMES, WE CAN ONLY UNDERSTAND history from above. That, anyway, seemed to be the outlook of historian James Hurley and pilot Joseph Hays when, in 1968, they flew a plane over Brooklyn. They were looking for the remnants of a village founded 130 years earlier, the free Black community of Weeksville. Read more at Atlas Obscura. FeaturedContinue reading “The Culinary Legacy of Brooklyn’s First Free Black Community”

The Japanese Ghost Town Buried Deep in a Canadian Forest

AT FIRST, IT DIDN’T LOOK like much: a clearing about an hour’s walk into the dense forest of British Columbia’s Seymour Valley, with some rusted cans scattered among the dank leaves and moldy tree trunks. It was 2004, and Bob Muckle, an archaeologist and anthropology instructor at Capilano University, was looking for a site to teachContinue reading “The Japanese Ghost Town Buried Deep in a Canadian Forest”

Why Are We Still Debating Whether Trump is Racist?

Defining things as racist is like that exercise swim instructors do, where they tell kids to swim to them but keep walking backwards so the goal is never actually reached. Except in this exercise, the American public is trying to agree on whether something is racist or not, and the swim instructor is the ever-receding standard forContinue reading “Why Are We Still Debating Whether Trump is Racist?”

Who Gets to be Naked at Harvard University?

Every semester at Harvard University, students take their clothes off. The event is called Primal Scream, and it happens on midnight before the first day of final exams. As the hour approaches, there is a palpable buzz in the central quad, the Harvard Yard. Students gather in various states of undress: towels and trenchcoats, gym shortsContinue reading “Who Gets to be Naked at Harvard University?”