When is Talking About Looks Damaging to Mental Health?

I’m a pretty confident gal. Actually, that’s an understatement. I am a seriously confident woman. I think I’m gorgeous, exceptionally talented, super interesting, and not least of all, very humble. I’m lucky to have a fantastic mom, who always modelled body confidence, never talked about weight, and told me I was the most beautiful woman in theContinue reading “When is Talking About Looks Damaging to Mental Health?”

Chokhri, a New Sexual Health Project, Maps Marital Rape and Abortion in India

There’s a scene about birth control in the questionably feminist 2017 Hindi flick Lipstick Under My Burqa that stuck with me. Shireen, whose abusive husband rapes her and refuses to use condoms, goes to the gynecologist for another abortion. The gynecologist tells her she can’t keep having abortions and using the morning after pill, and the only other form of available birth controlContinue reading “Chokhri, a New Sexual Health Project, Maps Marital Rape and Abortion in India”

What the New York Times Gets Wrong About Obesity

I hope you’re not valuing your dignity as a human person — or worse! feeling good about your body! — while you read yet another stilted and shame-y diatribe about the moral perils of snack food. If you are, you may catch a serious flaw in much of the New York Times’ recent obesity coverage: we continue blaming andContinue reading “What the New York Times Gets Wrong About Obesity”

Fucking with Feministing: Squirt-O-Rama, Redux

Check out the original article on Feministing. Welcome to Fucking with Feministing, Feministing’s column about all things fucking and fucking-adjacent. Got a question about dildos? We’re on it. Want to explore fun, sexy sex outside of the realm of p-and-v intercourse? All over it, baby. Or maybe you’ve got a totally different question, which you can sendContinue reading “Fucking with Feministing: Squirt-O-Rama, Redux”

Fucking with Feministing: No Hard-On? No Problem!

Originally published at Feministing. My question is: What are some ways to have great male to female sex without penetration/ with a male who suffers from erectile dysfunction (ED)? My boyfriend was recently diagnosed with ED and its been really tough – that fucking patriarchal pressure for men to be ridiculous ultra-virile sex machines isContinue reading “Fucking with Feministing: No Hard-On? No Problem!”