Seeking Sunny Leone: Academic Writing on Indian Erotica

Read the full piece at Critical Collective, a global India-based web journal of fine arts.  One sweltering Delhi May, hot on the research trail of visual and cinematic erotica, I wandered through the back lanes and offices of the B-film marketers of Chandni Chowk. A family friend—we’ll call him Deepak Uncle— had agreed to showContinue reading “Seeking Sunny Leone: Academic Writing on Indian Erotica”

Wonder Woman’s Vision of Empire

Originally published at Feministing  So I saw Wonder Woman last weekend with my grandma, and oh my god guys, I exited that theater like a classy martini—shaken. Now if you’re like many of my friends, you probably never want to hear anything uttered about the Wonder Woman movie (hey, maybe the entire franchise) ever again. That’s real. But even ifContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s Vision of Empire”

The Most Brilliant Woman in the Room: Creative Freedom, Gender Justice, and Female Collaboration

Read the original piece in Louder Than Ten.  She was the most brilliant woman in the room. She was talented, she was charismatic, and damn, could she write. I wanted her and I wanted to be her. We talked long into the night about books and what we wanted out of college. We went to partiesContinue reading “The Most Brilliant Woman in the Room: Creative Freedom, Gender Justice, and Female Collaboration”

Should I Harass This Woman on The Internet?

These days, women have begun to use the internet. Like other highly sexual activities — bicycle riding and the showing of one’s ankles — this form of newfangled female audacity can drive a man mad. Faced with all those flirty emoticons and naughty statuses about “walking the dog” and “burrito-eating,” it can be hard forContinue reading “Should I Harass This Woman on The Internet?”