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The website that’s hosted my column for the past couple years, Feministing, is currently on the fundraising hustle! Passionate about great feminist writing? Become a member today. 

Original appeal at Feministing.

You turn to Feministing for the hot, fresh, intersectional feminist analysis you can’t get anywhere else. And today, we’re turning to you: Become a Feministing member, and you’ll allow us to stay open to kick more ass in 2018. 

From the orgasm gap to militarism and Islamophobia to how indigenous women are leading the fight againstclimate change, our writers are committed to covering feminist issues the click-baity internet ignores. We dish up the nuancedpowerfulsexy intersectional feminist analysis that you’re not gonna get from those bigger, corporate publications whose main agenda is to use progressivism to sell women crap.

But great feminist content does not live on love and rage alone. It also requires cold, hard cash. We have hosting costs. Mailing costs. We have a team of hard-working young feminists, the majority of them women of color, who aren’t getting paid even a fraction of what we’re worth. Surprising as it sounds, critical, hilarious intersectional feminism free of corporate interest doesn’t pull in those big bucks. Making this project sustainable—hell, making sure it even continues to exist—is a daily challenge.

That’s where you come in. Become a Feministing member today and make sure we keep bringing our much-needed news, hilarity, and nuance into the world. By committing to a monthly donation, you help give Feministing some much-needed sustainability, preventing the panic of that end-of-month funding hustle. For five dollars a month, you can keep us moving and shaking. For twenty or more, I will literally get an ass tattoo of your name (not literally, but I will be grateful!). Or if you’d prefer, you can make a one-time donation right now to help keep us on our feet.

Your gift will not only help the site keep running—it’ll inject much-needed and much-deserved payment into our young writer’s lives. It’s a neoliberal world out there and don’t we know it. Many of us columnists for the site (like yours truly, #gradschoolforever) are students. We’re pulling it together through freelancing, loans, teaching stipends; in short, all the shitty stuff left over when higher education privatizes and the gig economyinvades. We write for Feministing ’cause we have a fire for making a better world, and we want to tell the stories that need telling and give the commentary that needs commenting.

I’ve written for Feministing for the past two and a half years because it’s the only place on the internet where I can write exactly what I want, without having to worry about my editor’s bottom line, for an audience that will take the time to really think with me. It gives me the freedom to get intellectual, to get polemical, and to get sexy—to muse on the nature of consent in a capitalist world, to get poetic about the possibility of transformative justice, and to pass along notes about the work of fellow feminists and friends in struggle here in New Delhi. If you’ve ever had an orgasm based on my sex advice (omg have you?? That would be awesome!) or forwarded my work to your sexually selfish ex-boyfriend, how about saying thank you by becoming a membertoday?

However much you can give, wherever you’re at right now, we want to pass along a big old thank you. Thanks for putting your faith in this little community that is a point of light for all of us in these Mordor-dark times. Thanks for believing in young feminists for the past thirteen years of Feministing. And as we enter 2018, despite our politicians’ efforts to fake-news feminism out of existence, thanks for making sure we’re alive and kicking more ass than ever. We know you’ll be here to kick it with us.





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