I write about politics, culture, gender, and social movements from New Jersey and New Delhi. I’m a fellow at Atlas Obscura, a weekly columnist at Feministing, a regular contributor to Talkspace, and my writing has appeared at Time, Teen VogueThe Washington Post, attn:Bitch, NDTVThe Harvard Advocate, The Harvard Crimson, and more. My work on consent has been cited in multiple popular and scholarly outlets, including New YorkMic, Bustle, the Duke Law Journal and several books on sexual violence in higher education. Writers at the New York Post and the Globe and Mail have accused me of ruining sex for everyone, so I like to think I’ve had an impact.

In 2015, I graduated from Harvard College, where I was a commencement speaker and popular columnist at The Harvard Crimson. I was a 2015-2016 Fulbright fellow in women’s studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, where I completed my master’s in Indian cinema, theater, and visual studies in 2018. My research on Hindi cinema and popular erotica has been published in Critical Collective.

I have a proven history of writing smart, punchy web, app, and audio content with a knack for speaking to young people and women. I have particular expertise in health and social justice issues, but as a contributing writer for Hippo Thinks Content Marketing, I’ve written thought leadership pieces for clients in tech, business, telecommunications and beyond.

If you have any project for which you think I’d be a great fit, feel free to reach out at (content writing samples available on request).

Selected Work

Power and Politics

Harvard’s Exclusive Clubs Reflect the School’s Problems with Race, Class, and Gender Time/Motto

Pro-Choice for Christ Bitch/Feministing/Rewire/Truthout

Why Are There So Many LGBT Youth in Prison? attn:

Why Do Misogynists Like Donald Trump Love to Talk About How Much They Love Women? Feministing

Who Gets to be Naked at Harvard University? Feministing

Violence and Pleasure

#MeToo, Ansari, and the Difficult Question of Justice Feministing

No, the #MeToo Movement is Not About Women “Playing the Victim” Feministing

Is #MeToo a Moral Panic? Not if We’re Clear About Our Values, Feministing

What I Would Have Said to You Last Night Had You Not Cum and then Fallen Asleep, Feministing

Fucking with Feministing: No Hard-on? No Problem! Feministing

Why Monogamy’s Not for Me The Washington Post

Rape Culture is a Contract We Never Actually Signed Feministing

Let’s Talk About Intimate Partner Violence in Queer Communities, Feministing

Does the Female Condom Empower Women? Feministing

Justice, Access, Support: A Conversation with the Boston Doula Project, Feministing

Contemporary India

Why These Activists Are Protesting Hindu Nationalism in Trump’s America, Feministing

The Men Who Raped India’s Nirbhaya Will Hang — But That Doesn’t Mean Justice Feministing

As the Future of Climate Change Becomes Daily Reality, Poor Women Feel the Heat Feministing

Justice for Asifa: Sexual Violence, Religious Conflict, and the Politics of Outrage, Feministing

I’m an American Woman Living in Delhi. “Don’t Date the Locals” is Horrible Advice. The Washington Post/NDTV

Arts and Culture

Experiencing Imposter Syndrome? That’s Probably Because You’re an Imposter Coax

The Most Brilliant Woman in the Room Coax

Romantic Love is a Patriarchal Conspiracy, According to New Melissa McCarthy Film Feministing

Wonder Woman’s Vision of Empire, Feministing

Health and Wellness

How To Tell Someone You’re Not Interested, Talkspace

Here’s How to Emotionally Prepare Yourself for Your Next Relationship, Talkspace/Thrive Global

What the New York Times Gets Wrong About Obesity, Feministing

Here’s How Street Harassment Affects Women’s Mental Health Talkspace/Teen Vogue

When is Talking About Looks Bad for Mental Health? Talkspace/Thrive Global

Why Don’t Men Ask for Mental Health Help? Talkspace

Why it’s Healthy to Lower Your High Expectations in College, Feministing

Material Girl and Four Dollar Wine columns and reporting at The Harvard Crimson

Photo credits: Cover photo, Sara Stern


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  1. findsai says:

    Appreciate your upright attitude. I’m sure you are keeping your face towards the sunshine, so is the shadow behind you……. Cheer and afloat, Sai 🙂

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