I write about food, sex, and politics. I’m a contributing writer at Atlas Obscura, and my work has appeared at The Washington PostTime, Teen Vogue, Bitch, and in a weekly column at Feministing. My work on sexuality has been cited in multiple popular and scholarly outlets, including New YorkMic, Bustle, the Duke Law Journal and several books on sexual violence in higher education.

I was a 2015-2016 Fulbright fellow in women’s studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, where I completed my master’s in Indian cinema, theater, and visual studies in 2018. My research on Hindi cinema and popular erotica has been published in Critical Collective. I received a BA in 2015 from Harvard University, where I was a commencement speaker and won the Eugene R. Cummings Award for best senior thesis in LGBT studies.

I write smart, punchy web, app, and audio content with a knack for speaking to young people and women. I have special expertise in sexuality, mental health, food, LGBTQ issues, and social justice, but I’ve also written thought leadership content for clients in tech, business, telecommunications and beyond.

Get in touch at reinagattuso@gmail.com, or @reinagattuso on Twitter.

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